The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I admit that when I originally went to write my blog this week, I was quite excited to talk about the “females in football” week. I was going to tell you how impressed I am about how much it has progressed over the last few years. I was going to boast how proud I am that my daughter was refereeing soccer and starting to make a good name for herself as I could hear spectators say “oh look that’s the female ref, she’s good”. Only to find out the one game I didn’t go to, she came off at half time in tears after being constantly heckled by one of the coaches of an under 14 boy’s game.

Needless to say, I felt totally dejected. After this at a local level and the whole unfairness of the Alen Stajcic episode at a national level, it felt like one step forward and two steps back. To my surprise however, another parent from the same team not only had words with the coach to help him “act appropriately for the second half of the game” but it was reported to the president of the club who was proactive in putting out statements that this kind of culture would not be tolerated by the club.

My whole blog substance is how “sport mirrors life”. The truth is, some people will think that you are great at what you do, others will feel they have the right to heckle you or put you down. It is the way you deal with it that will make or break you. Learn your lesson and move on.

Sport isn’t always fair, and neither is life. If you are lucky enough there will be organisation’s with a good culture that will help the sport and/or their workers thrive. Alternatively, there may be other organisation’s who recognise your qualities and what you can bring to the table such as the Mariners for Stajcic and will hopefully make you soar higher than you ever could.

For the time being, I am hoping there are enough good people in the world to stand up for what is right and create a positive culture to help athletes, coaches and people thrive and be the best at whatever they want to be.

Yvette Audet

Yvette Audet

Sport has been an integral part of my life, both work and personal. I grew up with sport, met my husband through sport and now as a mother, am involved more than ever in sport!

As a trainer and consultant in the industry I work with sporting groups and councils to create community facilities and partnerships aimed to increase sport participation.

I have created a range of articles from the perspective of a SPORTING MUM. The articles relate life skills and messages that we can get from being involved in sport. It’s uncanny how Sport can mirror life.


Involved in gymnastics, netball and athletics from an early age, Yvette experienced being part of a team as well as the unrelentless discipline in individual sport – in particular her Heptathlon days.

First became a mum in 2005 and remembers having the inner debate of how long should I play netball while pregnant? Doing quick breastfeeds in between netball games and hoping her uterus wouldn’t feel like falling out when she jumped for the ball.

Funny anecdotes aside, she has worked in the sport and recreation industry for almost 30 years and holds several certificates and degrees around the management and training of sport, community recreation, aquatics and fitness.

Through her various roles in profit and non-profit sectors, she has helped plan for programs, events and facilities to help get communities active through sport and recreation.