Sporting Mum- Life is Ugly

It’s been a while since my last blog, it is not that sport hasn’t been part of our lives, it’s that life has thrown a few curve balls…bad and good! There have been many things that have happened in the last few months, one of which was the loss of one of my dearest friends to cancer.

Lucy fought so hard for as long as she could. she held her head high with grace, dignity and optimism until the very end. I called her my ‘superwoman’, remaining selfless and courageous throughout her life. It’s difficult to turn a bad or sad situation into a positive, it is a skill I am still learning. However, the fact that I was blessed enough to have her in my life for almost two decades, is a positive…even if she left this world too soon!

I recently shared on my Facebook page; it is hard to smile when you’re sad. The fact is, life is not always pretty, there will be ups and downs. In fact sometimes life is ugly (I am not going to sugar coat it for my kids, they are old enough now to know), there will be moments in life where you are sad and feel overwhelmed. And that’s ok! It is in these circumstances, just like in any sport preparation, you need to carry on. You must keep going, putting one foot in front of the other.

The recent Commonwealth Games 1500m race with Oliver Hoare was probably the most inspiring story I have heard in a while. His persistence paid off. He ran one of the best races of an Australian middle distance runner I had ever seen. He won it, but not without life’s adversities for him. He was devasted after losing the world championships when he was in peak form and the favourite. And then the loss of his grandfather who was the inspiration for his athletics pursuit. The humble attribution of his win was to his late grandfather, brought a tear to my eye. Ollie Hoare dedicates historic men’s 1500m gold at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to late grandfather | 7NEWS

The key in both these stories, sport and personal, is perseverance and a positive mindset. The current chalkboard quote in our kitchen is “a good mind will lead to a good body” …given my current diet perhaps I should add ‘discipline’ as the third attribute to wellness. You need to know that if you fail, you can get back up. Sometimes a wave will drag you down, but sometimes it will lift you up. Or one of my favourite sayings that I saw for the first time the other day ‘you need darkness to realise how bright the stars can shine.’

Academics researching these elements around passion, persistence and the ‘growth mindset’ call this ‘grit’. Some studies believe these mental elements are more important than innate sport ability in determining the success of an athlete. Grit: A Concept Analysis – PubMed (

I wish you all health, wellness, happiness and when any of these fail, I wish you ‘grit’. May you remember these things, perseverance, a positive mindset and discipline to get you through it.

Until next time, take care and stay well.

Yvette Audet

Yvette Audet

Sport has been an integral part of my life, both work and personal. I grew up with sport, met my husband through sport and now as a mother, am involved more than ever in sport!

As a trainer and consultant in the industry I work with sporting groups and councils to create community facilities and partnerships aimed to increase sport participation.

I have created a range of articles from the perspective of a SPORTING MUM. The articles relate life skills and messages that we can get from being involved in sport. It’s uncanny how Sport can mirror life.


Involved in gymnastics, netball and athletics from an early age, Yvette experienced being part of a team as well as the unrelentless discipline in individual sport – in particular her Heptathlon days.

First became a mum in 2005 and remembers having the inner debate of how long should I play netball while pregnant? Doing quick breastfeeds in between netball games and hoping her uterus wouldn’t feel like falling out when she jumped for the ball.

Funny anecdotes aside, she has worked in the sport and recreation industry for almost 30 years and holds several certificates and degrees around the management and training of sport, community recreation, aquatics and fitness.

Through her various roles in profit and non-profit sectors, she has helped plan for programs, events and facilities to help get communities active through sport and recreation.