Sporting Mum – Don’t take things personally

Happy International Women’s Day!

I thought it would be a timely return with my blog, coinciding with the same week that celebrates the women who have paved the way and mentored us to be the best that we can be.

Truth be told, I have written a few blogs over the last few months….I just haven’t published them!

It wasn’t until the other day when I was listening to TED talks and came across one that grabbed my attention. I thought to myself, this is worth sharing,

The Ted Talk that caught my interest is called ‘Why I became a referee?’. My daughter who is quite a shy girl, gravitated toward being a football referee. I watch in awe as she referee’s each game (soccer and league) with complete professionalism. She sticks to her duties and every decision she makes (despite what she hears on the side-line).

The TED talk attached ends with a reminder about our ‘self worth’, but the main reason why he became a referee is to learn to “not to take things personally”.

I remember growing up and when I became flustered about things not within my control, my mum used say “water off a duck’s back Yvette” (in other words, don’t let it stress you).

A few years ago my husband came back from taking the dogs for a walk one morning. He was angry, huffing and puffing about how an old guy had abused him for not stepping aside enough on the pathway. We had a discussion and worked out that the guy normally had an old dog he walked at the same time. And from that day on, the dog was never seen again. The dog had passed away, he was obviously grieving and took his anger out on my husband. Understanding why someone is behaving a particular way, may help change your paradigm and reaffirm that ‘it’s not always about you’.

There have been social media slogans out there suggesting for people to “Be Kind”. After all, you don’t know what every other person’s struggles are.

We have the power to reframe our thinking and to ‘not take things personally’.

My message to my fellow Sporting Mums out there this week and to my kids of course :

  1. Don’t over think things
  2. Don’t take things personally
  3. Be kind
  4. Think positive
  5. Know your worth

Enjoy the TED talk!

Yvette Audet

Yvette Audet

Sport has been an integral part of my life, both work and personal. I grew up with sport, met my husband through sport and now as a mother, am involved more than ever in sport!

As a trainer and consultant in the industry I work with sporting groups and councils to create community facilities and partnerships aimed to increase sport participation.

I have created a range of articles from the perspective of a SPORTING MUM. The articles relate life skills and messages that we can get from being involved in sport. It’s uncanny how Sport can mirror life.


Involved in gymnastics, netball and athletics from an early age, Yvette experienced being part of a team as well as the unrelentless discipline in individual sport – in particular her Heptathlon days.

First became a mum in 2005 and remembers having the inner debate of how long should I play netball while pregnant? Doing quick breastfeeds in between netball games and hoping her uterus wouldn’t feel like falling out when she jumped for the ball.

Funny anecdotes aside, she has worked in the sport and recreation industry for almost 30 years and holds several certificates and degrees around the management and training of sport, community recreation, aquatics and fitness.

Through her various roles in profit and non-profit sectors, she has helped plan for programs, events and facilities to help get communities active through sport and recreation.