Clearing The Bar

My favourite event in the heptathlon (not necessarily my best), was the high jump. The reason being, there was no better feeling than sailing through the air, knowing that you have absolutely nailed the jump and no where near touching the bar. At risk of sounding slightly philosophical, life can be like that. How good does life feel when everything you do “clears the bar”? All of that hard work and training pays off and you feel amazing.

There are other jumps where you may scrape the bar and it wobbles but it doesn’t come off, you readjust your technique or run up and you are fine for the next height or whatever life throws at you. BUT there has also been times when the bar is set at a height that you know you can easily jump (no where near your personal best -PB) but you miss it. You may get slightly annoyed or surprised with yourself ….sometimes you get it and sometimes you miss it again.

It is this 2nd miss on a height you know you can easily get with only one jump left to go, where one look over to your coach can make or break you. You can see it in his/her eyes that they truly believe in you and knowing this puts you at ease and you sail over. In fact sometimes you soar from then on and reach a new PB.

I have been lucky enough to know the true value of having one or two people like that in my life and what a difference that mentor, coach, manager, leader, friend or partner can make! There have been times where I have let other people and their opinions get to me, causing self doubt. Everyone knows that trying to clear a high jump height with any type of self-doubt is not going to end with a good result. Whilst having self confidence is the ultimate trait, I have listened to many speakers attribute their success to having the right people around them.

Have a look at your own environment, whether it be work or home life. Who’s helping you “clear the bar” and who is increasing your self-doubt? Look at ways to have the best team around you so that you can soar to new heights.

Yvette Audet

Yvette Audet

Sport has been an integral part of my life, both work and personal. I grew up with sport, met my husband through sport and now as a mother, am involved more than ever in sport!

As a trainer and consultant in the industry I work with sporting groups and councils to create community facilities and partnerships aimed to increase sport participation.

I have created a range of articles from the perspective of a SPORTING MUM. The articles relate life skills and messages that we can get from being involved in sport. It’s uncanny how Sport can mirror life.


Involved in gymnastics, netball and athletics from an early age, Yvette experienced being part of a team as well as the unrelentless discipline in individual sport – in particular her Heptathlon days.

First became a mum in 2005 and remembers having the inner debate of how long should I play netball while pregnant? Doing quick breastfeeds in between netball games and hoping her uterus wouldn’t feel like falling out when she jumped for the ball.

Funny anecdotes aside, she has worked in the sport and recreation industry for almost 30 years and holds several certificates and degrees around the management and training of sport, community recreation, aquatics and fitness.

Through her various roles in profit and non-profit sectors, she has helped plan for programs, events and facilities to help get communities active through sport and recreation.